1. Barbara's training stays with the organization long after she is gone. In addition to being mindful about our peers approach to work, we are communicating more effectively in a trusting environment. - Robin Long Director, Operation
    Reuben H. Fleet Science Center
  2. Barbara was a much needed stimulus for our organization to move toward building trust. She did two sessions with our leadership team that have spurred significant conversations that have not taken place in the past. Our leadership team has a significantly better understanding of who we are and how we can best work together. - Candi Freed Director,Human Resources and Training
    Reuben H. Fleet Science Center
  3. Working with Barbara to understand personality types has had a positive impact on many of my major relationships. My entire blended family attended a workshop with her (including 4 kids) and we all came away with a better understanding of ourselves AND each other. I was struggling in one of my business relationships until I learned about personality types from Barbara. I identified where the conflict was coming from based on a difference we had in one important area and was thus able to change my language and my assumptions in a way that made both of us more comfortable and our relationship harmonious. My 13 year old daughter came away with an understanding of why she and her dad sometimes clash, which helped her know that it was simply a difference in personality types as opposed to one of them being right or wrong. That's huge for a teenager/parent relationship! Barbara's passion and enthusiasm for personality testing really comes across, while her ability to make a complicated topic much simpler and easy to understand means you can immediately implement what you learn and put it into use personally and professionally - in ways that can have a profound impact.
    Niche Fit Marketing Kristen Scott
  4. I have known Barbara for years. She is passionate about Myers-Briggs and it shows in her training sessions. She provides real life examples of how the type indicator can help you. Her approach to the workshop is interactive and it keeps the session fun and interesting. She really understands Myers-Briggs. I highly recommend Barbara! - Jamie Houlihan Director, Information Technology and Customer Care Service Operation
    Curves & Jenny Craig
  1. The following are excepts from comments written by high school students: - The class really helped at home as well because my mom is an extravert and almost the complete opposite of me in everything. Once I explained this to her she understood why I am the way I am and it has made things a lot easier for both of us. - I learned a ton about myself and how I'm an introvert and to myself I'll be true. It really opened my eyes to who I am as a person and what kind of personalities my parent have. - It completely showed and explained how I am with my parent. The way you described certain situations with you and your daughters were like word for word how it is for me and my parents. - I learned a lot and I am constantly thinking about the results and how much they apply to me. I went home that day and talked to my mom about it. - I was able to give my family the test and they enjoyed it as much as I did. You were a very good explainer of the different types. You are a really cool person & a brilliant and knowledgeable individual & very cool. Thanks for coming to our class, you are my hero. - I talked to my parents about how I am an introspective person and I need my space and privacy when they get home (like your daughters) and they agreed. - and hundreds more with similar messages!!!