Discover your in-born, hard-wired personality type

Learn your family & friends innate personality type.  Understand the science behind personalities to enhance relationships now, in college and in life.
Family & Friends Worksho

   Costs:  $150 plus assessment fee*

-- Private Workshops are scheduled for your convenience.  They typically last 2-4 hours and can be held in your home or our office.  

* Assessments range from No Cost for the "Rocking Your Team" assessment up to $40 per person for official MBTI (Myers-Briggs assessment).  We also offer the Career Development MBTI assessment at the same low cost.

Build self-awareness and confidence

Understand and appreciate the strengths and potential blind spots based on your Type.  Build self-confidence and support your loved-ones' development as they move to adulthood. 

Strengthen relationships

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​This workshop provides a new scientific lens to clearly see and understand your loved-one in a different way.  Reduces conflicts and provides a vocabulary to discuss differences.   Discover how personality affects how one wants to be appreciated and recognized.  
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