Barbara Gunning, Consulting
Passionate about enhancing lives and relationships by sharing  Personality  Science  knowledge in eye-opening and engaging fun learning experiences for businesses, family, and personal setting.

Barbara Gunning has been facilitating Personality Type workshops for over a decade in corporate, non-profit and educational settings.  Her workshops focus on understanding type differences and then applying it to areas such as leadership, team building,  conflict resolution, and stress management in both the business and family settings.  She is also a successful project leader in the corporate world, with over 25 years of leading teams and personalities in the complex IT world.  As a wife and mother of two grown children, she has firsthand experience about how type enhances family relations and communication.    Embracing the opportunity to enhance people’s lives, she has volunteered her expertise in schools, girl scouts, and many other non-profit arenas.
BS and MBA in Business from San Diego State University
Project Manager Professional (PMP)
Master Practitioner in Personality Types
Certified Type Practitioner since 2004 in Myers-Briggs type
Board Member for Association of Psychological Type, San Diego
Certificate in Multiple Lens, DISC, Motivators,  Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children
Upcoming workshops are listed on our Workshop page or email us to customize and schedule a workshop based on your unique needs.
Gunning Family:  MY LEARNING LAB

Barbara (ESFJ), Katie (INFP), Kevin (ENFP), Christina (ISTJ)​ ​​​
  1. Athletic Teams
    Athletic Teams
    Develop your athletic team to their highest potential by discovering the athletic type of each team member. Learn which pro football and baseball athletics share their type. Valuable tool for players, coaches and parents to support and develop young, school age athletes.
  2. Family
    This workshop give you a new lens to clearly see and understand more about your loved ones. Enable you to better support your child’s development now and arm them with knowledge that will enhance their relationships forever.
  3. Business
    Appling personality types knoledge within your business will give you a advantage. We will create workshops especially geared to your goals. Results will provide the competitive advantage as your teams will execute more smoothly. communications.
  4. Stress
    Stress keeps people from feeling their best. Stress reduction is not a one-size-fits all proposition. People are hard-wired to be one of 16 distinct Personality Types. What stresses each of them is different, how they behave when stressed is different and the strategies that will help them return to balance are also different. Discover your Personality Type and the strategies that will work for you.