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As a boss, learning the best way to motivate and appreciate your team members will dramatically improve job satisfaction and employee retention which increases the bottom-line. Developing your people saves money.

Save time

Shorten the time it takes for a team to become productive and effective.  Magic happens when your team understands how each members makes decisions, digests information and works together without unnecessary conflicts. 
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Do you want your staff working at their best?  We offer workshops in.. 
  • How to motivate and inspire your employees
  • Discover Interaction Styles
  • Learn Time Management skills that work for you
  • How to reduce conflict in teams by understanding each other
  • Get your teams working together more effrectively

Business programs customized to your needs

Facilitator & Type Practitioner
Barbara Gunning has been facilitating Personality Type workshops in corporate, non-profit and educational settings for over a decase.  Her workshops focus on understanding type differences and then applying it to leadership, team building and conflict resolution in both the business and family settings. 
Practical Experience in Business
The Gunning family: left to right
 Barbara (ESFJ), Katie (INFP)
Kevin (ENFP), and Christina (ISTJ)
Knowing about type helps you understand and support the people that are important to you.  We have examples and exercises to share that will bring these differences alive and applicable for you.   


She is also a successful project leader in the corporate world, with over 20 years of leading teams and personalities in the complex IT world.
Family Experience
As a mother of two grown children, she has firsthand experience about how type enhances family relations and communication.    Embracing the opportunity to enhance people’s lives, she has volunteered her expertise in schools, girl scouts, and many other non-profit arenas.