Barbara Gunning
Passionate about enhancing lives and relationships by sharing  Personality Science knowledge in eye-opening and engaging experiences 
for businesses and personal setting.
Barbara Gunning has been facilitating Personality workshops for over a decade in corporate, non-profit and educational settings.  Her workshops focus on understanding a scientifically significant difference in people and then applying it to areas such as leadership, team building,  conflict resolution, and stress management in both the business and family settings.  She is also a successful project leader in the corporate world, with over 25 years of leading teams and personalities in the complex IT world.  As a wife and mother of two grown children, she has firsthand experience about how knowing about personalities enhances family relations and communication.    Her passion is Rocking Your Team.

  • BS and MBA in Business from San Diego State University
  • Project Manager Professional (PMP)
  • Instructor at UCSD-Extension
  • Master Practitioner in Personality Types (MBTI)
  • Board Member for SANDAPT, APTi San Diego
  • Qualified in Multiple Lens:  Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ), DISC, Motivators, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Temperaments,  Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children (MMTIC)
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Gunning Family:  My Learning Lab
Barbara (ESFJ), Katie (INFP), Kevin (ENFP), Christina (ISTJ)